The best speeds for your own web sites in the U.S.A., Canada or even Latin America

For everybody who is running multimedia sites directed mainly at people from the USA, Canada and Latin America, you should check out our US data center, which provides fantastic virtual hosting conditions for your requirements.

The US data center boasts an important position in downtown Chicago and serves several of the main telecommunication providers in the US. Along with total redundancy in network connectivity and power, the datacenter delivers an outstanding hosting environment for all your demanding web sites and applications.

To utilize the US data center, simply select it on the order form alongside the VPS Hosting Service which you like. Our admins are going to create the server for you for free and will configure an Operating System of your choosing. Moreover, they’ll perform every–week off–site backups of your respective VPS and will ensure a 99.9% network uptime.

Other US Hosting Services

We do offer much more in the US data center aside from Virtual Private Servers. We have USA Cloud Web Hosting packages along with USA Linux Semi-dedicated Servers featuring a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. We have USA Linux Dedicated Hosting Servers, which supply unexcelled hosting power and which will support any type of site. All US hosting services are available along with our free of cost Control Panel. It’s developed to help make routine hosting activities direct & effortless. Plus, it is packed with lots of complimentary and really valuable tools and bonuses that can help you enhance your website.